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Stop Hiding Under Your Clothes!

Here’s Your Step-by-Step, 6 week Blueprint to help you burn off
unsightly fat, give you a lean, sexy stomach, and tone-up your “trouble areas”
so you can lookAMAZING & Feel CONFIDENT this year !
What Is the Slim Down Challenge?
This 6 week Blueprint will take you step-by-step to give you everything you need to transform your body so you feel confident and sexy ALL YEAR LONG!.
By combining the nutritional strategies with our Lean Body workouts,
you will get AMAZING results in a very short period of time.
What’s Included in the Challenge?
#1: The  Slim Down Meal Plan:
No pills, no gimmicks. Just whole, healthy foods and exercise targeted for fat burning. You’ll learn exactly which foods to eat that are designed to detoxify your body, eliminate sugar and salt cravings, and rev up your metabolism.
The goal is to teach you how to prep, store, and make healthy, clean options for the week ESPECIALLY if you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.
#2:  Slim Down Recipe Book (Simple & EASY to follow)
#3: 6 week Blueprint of Weekly Meal Plans (Tape on your fridge & follow along!)
#4: Weekly Print-Ready Grocery Lists
To make it easy for you- simply bring with you or store it on your phone/iPad
#5: Complete Food Exchange List (so you can swap out foods if you have any food allergies)
#6: Guide Teaching You We Cook in Bulk…
And learn how to switch it up so you only have to cook once but are don’t get tired of the same meals EVERY day!
#7: Our  Slim Down Workouts:
You’ll have UNLIMITED access to our metabolic workouts at Lean Body Transformation Center where you can burn up to 1,000 calories in a SINGLE workout!
#8: Accountability & Support:
We genuinely CARE about you getting the results that you want and we will go that extra mile to make SURE you stay on track with the program.
How many times have you tried to “diet” or “eat better” and somehow still ended up with an empty bag of cookies or ice cream pint next to you after a really long day? It happens to the best of us.
We’re there for you every step of the way, and we will do everything we can to help you to reach your goals!
#9: Complete Before & Afters & Weekly Weigh-Ins to Measure Your Success!
Are you Ready to Accept the Challenge???
Once you commit, we promise to take your success as a personal mission.
We truly want YOU to not only be healthy, lose weight and feel amazing, but feel CONFIDENT, ENERGETIC, & REFRESHED… 
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NEW Members (Non-Current Boot Campers)
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P.S. Don’t miss out! NO excuses!

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